Last Call! Join the Final Session of the Coronavirus Strategies Workshop Series

Looking to add a bit of excitement to the Groundhog Day-esque feeling of lockdown? Or, unsure how to shift your performance campaigns? Well, we’re here to help, twofold.

Just in case you haven’t heard, our brainy team over at Outbrain is in the midst of a three-part (free!) Performance Workshop Series, where we’re hosting a handful of the savviest Media Buying experts in the business.

Why, you ask? To bring you the COVID-19 and post-pandemic trends and action items that are critical to getting through these uncertain times (without hurting your bottom line), as everything continues to pan out, and new shifts are seen every day.

Plus, we’ve taken Q&A beyond the typical end-of-webinar softball questions — we’ve made this as interactive as possible, answering every question that comes in, and staying live until we’ve rightfully done so.


Not to mention, this series is completely platform-agnostic — no sales pitches by any company — we jump right into the data.

And, if we do say so ourselves (and we do!), Sessions 1 and 2 were fantastic — extra big shoutout to our guests and hosts, Joe Burton of ROI Marketplace with Bryan Hernandez from Outbrain, and Emanuel Cinca from Stacked Marketer with Outbrain’s Haran Rosenzweig. Be sure to check out the recaps and recordings in the links below.

But, here’s the truly great news — there’s still one more session to go, and it’s going to be our most stacked yet.

On May 20th, we’ll be running a live Q&A panel with an incredible lineup of speakers. And there’s still time to register! Join Amy Cheung of STM Forum (the “Native Noob”), Josh Keller of Union Square Media (the “Media Expert”), and Ervin Hoxha of (the “Tech Guru”) as they answer whatever questions you have to throw at them. COVID-19 experiences. Native “noob” learnings. A little battle of the buyers.

Get all your questions answered and hear what other Performance Marketers are curious about. Plus, there’s an exclusive offer for attendees, so you really won’t want to miss this.


And, as promised, here’s a quick recap of our first two workshop sessions (with the links to the recordings below!).


SESSION 01: Current COVID-19 Trends + Actions to Take

What an awesome kickoff session it was — Bryan Hernandez, Outbrain’s Director of Customer Success, sat down with Joe Burton, CEO of ROI Marketplace, and got right into the trends they’re seeing during COVID-19 and what that means for Marketers.

Find out why Joe and Bryan believe it’s like “January in the middle of the year”, how performance among verticals is swaying, why ad results are deviating for different device types, and tons more data-fueled insights.

Plus, how can Performance Marketers fill a need for customers while gaining those higher CTRs? Bryan and Joe discuss three actionable approaches to keep on rocking your campaigns, even during a lockdown.

And don’t miss the extended Q&A session — so many spot-on questions, and it was amazing to hear Bryan and Joe’s first-hand take on them, straight from the advertising battlefield. Click here to watch the full recording and catch up on Session 1.

SESSION 02: Preparing for a Post-Coronavirus World

For Session 2, we pulled out our data-filled crystal ball, attempting to decipher the emerging trends, post-pandemic.

Our host, Haran Rosenzweig, Outbrain’s Director of Performance, joined forces with Emanuel Cinca of Stacked Marketer fame to boldly go where few dare.

This jam-packed session included loads of data insights from the Outbrain network (thanks to our hardworking BI team!), plus some Affiliate-style (not foolproof) fortune-telling about what we can expect to see in the near future, as the world moves from lockdown to soft reopening, full reopening to the new ‘normal’.

Haran and Emanuel dive into three top action items that Performance Marketers should have on their post-coronavirus to-do list. To check out what they are, click here to watch the recording. And similar to Session 1, there’s an energy-packed, live Q&A where the duo takes on tough questions from the audience.

The third (and final!) session in this not-to-be-missed Workshop Series is coming soon!

Save your seat today and get the bonus offer available only to attendees of the live session.

Workshop Session #3: All-Things Media Buying. All-Things Q&A | May 20, 11 AM EST

  • Josh Keller, Co-Founder, Union Square Media
  • Amy Cheung, Senior Moderator, STM Forum
  • Ervin Hoxha, Co-Founder,
  • Me! Lauren Pica, Head of Marketing, Outbrain
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