Introducing BrainPower Insights: Max Your Marketing Success on the Open Web

Outbrain is excited to announce the launch of BrainPower, a website totally devoted to providing rich, unique interest-based data from the Outbrain network, so you can get the most from your Outbrain native ad campaigns.

Outbrain powers over 300 billion personalized discoveries per month, serving native ad and content experiences to more than 1 billion people on the open web. With such an incredible reach, we accumulate deep knowledge of consumer interests and trends on a daily basis. These insights are a powerful way to refine and optimize your campaigns. And we’ve made it simple for you to access these findings with our new tool.

Introducing the Vertical Insights tool

With the BrainPower Vertical Insights tool, marketers can assess trending content, interests, and platform performance to inspire and inform your campaigns. Get more insights, get more results from the Vertical Insights tool:

  • Updated weekly for the latest data
  • Data can be filtered by country and vertical
  • Data based on impressions, clicks, and conversions

Deep Dive: What measurements can you uncover from the BrainPower Vertical Insights tool?

Content Pairings

Identify which types of content perform well with your vertical.  Consider creating ads or content that incorporate those subjects or angles. You can also identify shared interests among your audience. For example, let’s say there is a higher than average CTR for Auto ads running on Fashion pages. An auto marketer could decide to use imagery focusing on the fashionable aesthetic of a new car model, or create an article about the car’s design process. This kind of content links the two verticals and may help boost engagement even further.

Here are ways you can use content pairing:

  • Popular Content Pairing – See which types of content pair well with your vertical based on CTR.
  • Conversions by Publisher Section – Pinpoint the types of pages that lead to conversions for your vertical.
  • Impressions by Publisher Section – Determine the types of pages where your vertical’s ads appear (shown if not enough conversions).

Platform Analysis

Analyze the ideal platform(s) for reach and conversion and make note of when consumers like to interact with your vertical. Should campaigns be focused on the first half of the week? During evening hours?

Platform analysis gives you powerful insights such as:

  • Platform Engagement – Determine which platform (desktop, mobile, tablet) has a higher CTR compared to average.
  • Audience Breakdown by Platform – Uncover the proportion of conversions and impressions coming from each platform.
  • Content Consumption by Weekday – See click patterns by weekday and platform.
  • Content Consumption by Time of Day – See click patterns by average time of day.

Now Outbrain customers have direct access to this rich consumer data. Vertical Trends is a great starting point for marketers looking for inspiration when launching or refining a campaign to maximize clicks based on ‘real-time’ trends on the open web. Content consumption habits and topics change with every news cycle; let our Vertical Trends tool make it easy for you to keep up with the open web.

Vertical Insights in Action

Let’s examine global content consumption for the week of March 1-7th.

When are people browsing with mobile and desktop?

  • Mobile: Early morning/commuter hours and evenings are the most popular.
  • Desktop: Content consumption is higher during standard work hours.

How do content consumption patterns differ based on vertical?

Fashion, Lifestyle, & Tech verticals:

“Lighter” content from these verticals is consumed throughout the day, including evenings on mobile, consistent with overall consumption habits on Outbrain’s network.

Lifestyle Vertical Graph:

Health vertical:

Interaction with health content increases steadily throughout the day, reaching a high in the evening before bed on mobile. Consumption on desktop is also steady but lower for health-related information throughout the day.

Health Vertical Graph:

Finance vertical:

Unlike health, the finance vertical captures attention during working hours on desktop and then drops off in the evening.

Finance Vertical Graph:

Automotive & Government verticals:

These verticals get a burst of attention during select afternoon breaks on desktop for more in-depth reads.

Automotive Vertical Graph:

Using Outbrain data and the Vertical Insights tool, you can now track popular verticals on the open web and paint a picture of the consumption journey for every industry.

Outbrain continues to develop new data points and advanced filters, so check back often for updates to our Vertical Insights tool.

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