Outbrain Celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8

 International Women’s Day on March 8

Every year since 1909, people around the world have come together on March 8th to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD).

What began as a commemoration of the women’s suffrage movement has turned into a full-blown tribute to women’s empowerment in every sphere of life – work, family, culture, political, community and personal development.

At Outbrain, International Women’s Day is much more than a day. It’s a year-long process of creating bold change, striving for gender parity and opportunities, and working to better our company – and the world beyond it.

How do we set out to accomplish this vital task? With WE, of course!

Women of Outbrain Unite!

WE is “Women’s Empowerment” – Outbrain’s passionate, home-grown initiative that drives progress. “WE” was born in our US office, and is now taking shape across our European offices, with plans for future roll-out in Israel and APAC.

WE’s mission is to empower women by fostering a community dedicated to personal and professional development.

While negative forces tend to have their own momentum, progress usually needs a conscious push. The Women of Outbrain are pooling their ideas, talent, and drive to create practical, measured steps that make a difference, every day.  The WE initiative includes member-led committees of women and men focusing on community and development.

WE is promoting women’s development throughout the Outbrain offices with a wide range of activities and events, such as the speaker series, quarterly “fireside chats” with inspiring speakers, the Women’s Wire newsletter, a book club, personal development workshops, and much more.

The WE initiative has been embraced warmly across the organization and 2018 promises to be an even bigger, better, stronger year than ever. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when WE put our heads and hearts together.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Check out this inspiring TED talk, which is being shown in honor of IWD in Outbrain’s offices worldwide.


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