Meet Bryan Hernandez, Client Partner, East Coast

Welcome to Inside Outbrain, a new blog series that introduces you to some of Outbrain’s employees and their day-to-day. Today we’re talking to Bryan Hernandez, Client Partner, East Coast. Bryan handles our biggest accounts on the East Coast, using all the tools at his disposal to help his clients find success in their campaigns. We spoke to him about what he does, why he does it, and what exciting stuff his team has coming up in the next few months.

OB: Hi Bryan! First of all, what lead you to join the team at Outbrain?

BH: I jumped into the ad tech space close to five years ago when I joined a company named AdRoll. Outbrain was always a company that was top of mind since it’s well respected in the space as being one of the pioneers in content marketing. When I got the chance to meet the team, the move to Outbrain felt more than natural. I was given the opportunity to leverage all of the performance knowledge I had gained at AdRoll and to apply that to the growing vertical here.

OB: What major projects have you been working on recently?

BH: Aside from my core role, I really enjoy helping shape our product by relaying client needs to the product team and building business cases for product development. For example, I’ve had the chance to see our retargeting product develop and am in the process of helping it roll out market-wide via the UI.

OB: What are you most excited about for the upcoming months?

BH: The team here has been great about building trust and giving me more responsibility in a challenging yet fun way. I’ll be managing more money than ever in my career, which is a lot of responsibility! I’m on a fast growing team with big aspirations and am working with notable, up-and-coming brands in the e-commerce and subscription space that are fun to work with. Plus, I get to have a hand in directing where the product is going, which is really cool.

OB: What is the most rewarding aspect of this job for you?

BH: Outbrain has supportive managers and an open floor plan where I can talk to different team members. The people are great, and it’s a nice social environment. I’ve had the freedom to work on what I’m passionate about and have been given huge opportunities for growth. Six months in, I became a manager and have had the chance to mentor people, practice public speaking, and flex my leadership muscles.

OB: Finally, can you share one fun fact about you or something interesting you’ve discovered in the last month?

BH: I love making ice cream! I am always using Outbrainers as taste testers. My newest flavor discovery is strawberry balsamic. In fact, I think there’s some for grabs in the kitchen right now!

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