[Infographic] Top Beauty Content Trends

Every marketer knows that timing is one piece of the puzzle. How your target audience feels at an exact moment in time—what they are doing, who they are with, and where they are—all influence what type of content they choose to read or watch.

In the beauty space, for example, the season heavily influences what consumers research throughout the year. In fact, our Outbrain data shows that during the colder winter months, people are focused on makeup tips for the holiday season as well as spa and massage treatments for the new year. Meanwhile, as spring sets in, attention shifts to content about skincare and sun protection. And during those hot summer months, beach-ready hairstyles and makeup become the hot topics.

Check out our infographic which details the top beauty content trends for each month—and use these insights and even more category insights here, to get your brand discovered more effectively.



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