How Gillette’s Video Content Shaped a Poignant Moment in My Son’s Adolescence

|Jennifer Daniel

Gillette's Video Content

Article Update: Since this article was written, Gillette personally reached out with this thoughtful gift box of shaving supplies and a hand-written letter

It’s true what they say about time flying.

I have direct experience with this concept as my son Alex gets closer to turning 13, which feels like it took about four years to happen.

In the past couple months, I had noticed the budding young man’s legs were too long for his body, he ate and slept much more than usual, and that a little dark line of hair had appeared above his upper lip.

Saying anything about any of these changes would have embarrassed him, so I just sat back and observed, usually with a smile, but often with the sinking feeling you get when you realize your baby isn’t a baby anymore.

One day, he mentioned the hair and I saw my opening.

Did he want to start shaving?

My shy, easily embarrassed boy asked me if I had time to check out some shaving videos on YouTube.

We found a great one immediately which was produced and distributed by Gillette:

The video features a handsome young guy who I watched instruct my boy on what products to find and how to do the job.

Does he want me to buy him a razor?

Yes, and the one the guy in the Gillette video had used.


I dropped by the Rite Aid on the corner near my office first thing the next morning.

I called my husband from the razor section for moral support; he was very kind and turned the conversation into one that made me feel like a competent mom out doing something important for her boy.

Thanks, husband!

Then he asked me to buy the disposable version of the same Gillette razor for him.

I found a 2-pack right away and after a quick stop at the Nivea shaving cream + aftershave display, I made my way to the register.

Mission accomplished.

I guess all parents feel this way at some point – a combination of nervous, proud and anxious over their babies getting all big and shavey.

But Gillette made it so much easier, for both my son and me, by producing a great piece of video content. It gave my son the confidence that he needed to drive the process, and me the comfort of knowing exactly how my son wanted to handle this big moment:


More brands should consider the ways in which they can be there for families, like mine, when they are in need.

All a part of the content marketing funnel, Gillette not only capitalized on the moment of intent as my son searched for useful content to suit his needs on YouTube, but they also captured his interest in their products, then influencing the both of us to make a decision with the brand.

Kudos to them and how cognizant I became of the magic they worked only after reflecting on the experience with family, friends and co-workers (who encouraged me to write this post about the effects of great content marketing).

Do you have any stories like this with particular brands or campaigns? I’d love for you to comment below and share them with me!

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Jennifer Daniel

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  • Ant
    Ant| June 7, 2016 at 9:21PM

    Great post Jennifer. Awesome example of how content can influence brand choice. I am sure that the video does not get attribution for that purchase and every other Gillette purchase over your sons lifetime. We need to find a way to do that !!
    Who knew our head of HR can also write. Impressive !!!


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