Publishers: Check Out New Enhancements to the Engage Dashboard

At Outbrain, the needs of our publishers remain at the center of our DNA as we provide tools that allow publishers to maximize RPMs, grow revenue, and maintain editorial control.

As part of our commitment to serving our partners we’ve been hard at work updating our Engage dashboard with tools to provide deeper insights into your overall digital performance.

Take a look at some new enhancements below. Be sure to check back regularly to see what additional dashboard updates we’ve been cooking up!

Redesigned Menu

The dashboard menu has been revamped to allow for greater clarity. The solutions that our publishers use each day are conveniently organized into three main categories: Reports, Editorial Controls, and Audience Campaigns.

Reports: This section provides an overview of performance to help you track driving total revenue. Metrics include, average CTR, pageviews, clicks, and revenue accrued over time.

Editorial Controls: Utilize the tools within this section to make informed, data-driven decisions for content filtering and blocking in order to maintain editorial control and hit your business goals.

Audience Campaigns:  A self-service tool that can flight your own content and overwrite algorithms to deliver on business goals to drive revenue. A tool which is providing value to editorial and commercial teams alike.

Scheduled Reports

The Scheduled Reports feature allows publishers to send reports to recipients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Schedule and send a new report directly within the upper right corner of the opened report.

With the ability to have up to 10 active scheduled reports available at one time, and each report able to be sent to up to 10 different recipients, there is much opportunity for cross-collaboration and brainstorming.

You are given complete control of your data in this environment, solidifying the time range in which the report will be active. For example, if you choose a data period of “6 months” and your frequency is set to “monthly”, your recipients will receive a report once a month for the next 6 months — creating a sense of structure and organization.

To view and manage scheduled reports, simply click on the “Scheduled Reports” section within the main menu of the dashboard.

Double-Breakdown Visualization

When selecting a second breakdown in the Performance Report section of the dashboard, publishers can now see the metrics of the second breakdown in a time-lapse chart.

Publishers can observe the performance of specific countries, platforms, sections, or widgets over time by utilizing filters. This feature allows you to make comparisons on various groups — and which groups are outperforming others in terms of revenue, pageviews, CTR, and video plays. Once information is gathered over time, you can make an informed decision on the future of your content in certain areas.

Block by Section

This is a new capability within the Filtered Content and Content Report. This tool provides an opportunity to limit large blocks to only specific sections of the site that may be more sensitive to the specified content, allowing publishers to continue to earn revenue and maintain editorial control.

For example, if a specific piece of content may be sensitive on the “News” section but appropriately fits within the “Entertainment” section, publishers can set the content block solely on “News” in order to continue earning revenue on “Entertainment”.

Blocked content by section can be found under the “Blocking level” column as “Section (#)”, depending on the number of sections applied within a block.

The default blocking level is “Publisher”, but users can specify which sections they’d like to apply the block to within the drop-down. Below is an example of blocking capabilities by asset.


When you’re ready to see some results with your own two eyes (👀) why not dive into the dashboard? We’re continually looking for ways to give publishers more control over their Outbrain placements and insights to make informed decisions.

Lastly, If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Our support specialists are always here to help.



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