Novice or Whiz? Test your digital marketing skills! 2017 [Quiz]

Liraz Rahmin Postan
Liraz Rahmin Postan

Digital Marketing IQ

Are you a digital marketing whiz?

Every digital marketer thinks they know all there is to know about digital marketing.

Finally, there is a way to prove it!

Outbrain’s new quiz, “What’s your Digital Marketing IQ?” tests how much you really know about digital marketing.

Discover how you add up — then share your score with all friends and family to see!

Get started here.

Liraz Rahmin Postan

Liraz Rahmin Postan

Liraz is a Senior SEO and Content Manager at Outbrain's digital marketing team. Previously worked at 888, Neogames, Go internet marketing and Plarium- Social gaming. She has a UX degree and aiming for making the web a better place for its visitors.

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  • RUDRAJIT CHAKRABORTY| August 29, 2017 at 1:13PM

    This is awesome and I want to do more tests like it.

  • Hayley| October 22, 2018 at 8:08AM

    the images aren’t working – also what are the answers and how do you know if you got a good score?!