Novice or Whiz? Test your digital marketing skills! 2017 [Quiz]

|Liraz Rahmin Postan

Digital Marketing IQ

Are you a digital marketing whiz?

Every digital marketer thinks they know all there is to know about digital marketing.

Finally, there is a way to prove it!

Outbrain’s new quiz, “What’s your Digital Marketing IQ?” tests how much you really know about digital marketing.

Discover how you add up — then share your score with all friends and family to see!

Get started here.

Liraz Rahmin Postan

Liraz Rahmin Postan

Liraz is SEO Manager at Outbrain's digital marketing team. Previously worked at 888, Neogames, Go internet marketing and Plarium- Social... Read more

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  • RUDRAJIT CHAKRABORTY| August 29, 2017 at 1:13PM

    This is awesome and I want to do more tests like it.


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