Are music videos the next big thing in content marketing?

|Brandon Carter

You may not be familiar with Cillit Bang, a cleaning agent popular in England, but that’s about to change, thanks to a new ad that makes a strong case as content, too.

Evidently, Cillit Bang are notorious for making cheesy ads back home. Think of the old OxiClean commercials and you start to get the picture.

So when their new 97-second Flashdance-themed video dropped, it turned into something of an event, with Cillit Bang going so far as to argue they’d created a new genre of advertising: “Cleantertainment.”

Based on the results, we can’t really argue.

“The Mechanic” is a complete 180 from the “Hi! I’m Barry Scott!” Cillit Bang ads of old. There is no talking (another welcome trend in advertising). No claims to how much more effective Cillit Bang is than competing brands at removing grime. Just a really fun music video starring Daniel Cloud Campos (a backup dancer for Madonna) throwing a dance tantrum in an auto shop after hours.



Here’s a Cillit Bang ad starring Neil Burgess as “Barry Scott” for comparison’s sake.



Here’s hoping every boring ad for a cleaning product becomes a wildly entertaining music video instead.

Or at least gets a remix as such.

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