Putting in the Hard Work: How We’re Positively Changing the Publishing Industry



It’s an issue that every major ad network has had to deal with at some point or another. From Yahoo to Twitter, Google, and even Facebook.

The truth is, the larger and more valuable these tech companies have become, the more people have tried to take advantage of their platforms and advertising solutions. Outbrain, too, operates at a scale that attracts spammers and scammers — with our expansive growth and now half a billion users, we have also been on the receiving end of spammy redirects and fraudulent content experiences.

So, how do we solve for this?

While I can’t speak for the rest of the players in the industry, I can address how Outbrain is dealing with these important issues.

In hopes of producing not only a more valuable user experience for audiences online, but also creating more significant revenue sources for the premium publishers in our network, we’re constantly working to:

1. Update our policies and practices in order to be fully compliant with FTC regulations and in alignment with industry guidelines.

2. Reject or prohibit content that does not match our content guidelines.

3. Scale our fraud detection with smart technology and dedicated content teams.

4. Provide better mobile experiences by delivering AMP-powered recommendations.

These days, while we recognize we may have a larger target on our back when it comes to the challenges that have long pervaded the industry, we remain committed to our company’s Lighthouse and will use new investments to continue to innovate for quality performance – driving results for publishers, brands, and their audiences.

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