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“If there’s one lesson I hear from founders over and over and over again, it’s on the importance of focus. Jessie Middleton, the founder running three startups at once, eventually had to scale back one and kill another in order to focus on the most promising, Backstory. Music startup Songza didn’t gain much traction until its founders peeled away functions to reveal the simplest, best version of their product.

Four-time entrepreneur Yaron Galai learned that lesson too, but with one small difference: he had millions of dollars worth of exits in the process. He sold Quigo to AOL in 2007 for $363 million; he sold Ad4ever to Atlas and aQuantive in 2004; he sold NetWorks Web Design before that.”

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Yaron Galai

Yaron Galai

Yaron is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Outbrain. Prior to founding Outbrain, Yaron was Co-Founder, SVP of Quigo, Inc., a provider of performance-based marketing solutions for advertisers and premium publishers. He previously served as the CEO of the company for three years. Quigo was acquired by AOL in December 2007. Previously, Mr. Galai was Co-Founder & VP Business Development at Ad4ever, a developer of rich-media advertising technologies for the web which was later acquired by Atlas (a division of aQuantive). Earlier, he was the Founder of NetWorks Web Design - an SEO and web design firm. At NetWorks he oversaw the production and search engine optimization of over 30 websites. Mr. Galai studied industrial design at the Holon Technological Institute, and is a Major (reserve) officer in the Israel Navy.

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