Celebrating Three Years of Business in Australia

|Isabella Barbato



Last month we celebrated three years since our launch in Australia, so today we want to talk about our extraordinary journey from a tiny operation run out of Ayal’s (our General Manager, Australia & New Zealand) garage to being the dominant player in the Australian content marketing sector, with a larger reach than Facebook’s.

Stepping into this new market, with its strong digital mindset, fast technology adoption, strong mobile growth and synergies with other English speaking markets was a natural move for Outbrain.

In Outbrain’s three-year history, the industry has changed dramatically – both in Australia and globally – with a proliferation of branded content being produced and huge shifts in the way people consume that content. In response to that, Outbrain has evolved to adapt to the transformation, while also looking ahead to future shifts in the media landscape and consumer consumption habits, and how the industry as a whole will need to adapt.

Over the past three years, Outbrain has formed partnerships with Australia’s leading publishers including Fairfax, NewsCorp, Bauer Media and The Guardian, as well as agency giants such as OMD and Dentsu, to create a content eco-system that delivers scale, efficiency and data for brands.

To celebrate this tremendous success, last month we invited our clients and partners to join us in an exclusive “Orange Is The New Black” party at the trendy Soda Factory in Sydney. Here’s what happened at the party:


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Isabella Barbato

Isabella Barbato

Isabella is Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific at Outbrain, based out of their Singapore office. Originally from Italy, she has spent... Read more

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