Case Study: SPH Drives Engagement and Revenue Through Content Distribution


Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) is Asia’s leading media organization and Singapore’s largest publisher, engaging minds and enriching people’s lives across multiple languages and platforms.

Their portfolio of digital publications includes the likes of AsiaOne, The Straits Times, The BusinessTimes, The New Paper, Stomp,, and many more.

After a long history of leveraging display and text-based advertising as their primary source of revenue, they became interested in looking for new ways to monetize their content without compromising on user experience.

Why SPH Chose Content Distribution for Increased Engagement

With tons of valuable content and a hope of extending their digital reach, SPH set out to increase reader engagement through the recirculation of content across their vast catalog of publications.

Turns out, distributed content was the simplest way for them to do so while maintaining the integrity of the SPH brand, an important prerequisite when weighing alternative solutions.

After partnering with Outbrain to power content recommendation technology on their site, they quickly realized the value of third-party content from such a powerful network of premium publishers in the form of new revenue generation while at the same time not emphasizing revenue gains over audience loyalty.

Case Study SPH

The Value of Investing in Content Distribution

By installing the Outbrain Engage content recommendation module across its entire portfolio of English language publications, SPH began seeing immediate results. 


Because it surfaced the most interesting content their audience members were looking to engage with.

Outbrain’s integrated and personalized recommendations not only keeps the attention of readers online but also enhances user journeys taking place across the web.

Not to mention, the content recommendation widget produced relevant, revenue-generating links.

They didn’t have to

Here’s how it works:

Case Study SPH

The Results of Well-Distributed Content

SPH took their existing rolodex of content and produced a stream of engaging content, increasing traffic to its various digital properties.

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