It’s Official: Black Friday is an Online Holiday [Data Visualization]

According to the latest from the National Retail Federation, consumers are spending as much time online as they are in line at retail stores during Black Friday. So it’s both fitting and ironic that online interest (pageviews) in hot ticket tech items was 27% higher on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday.

The bright “hot spots” on the map represent particularly high concentrations of pageviews. You can zoom in and out on geographies using the -/+ buttons in the top left corner. And use the time lapse bar in the lower-left corner to track the activity throughout both days, starting at 12:00 AM. All times in EST.







Other Interesting Facts

  • San Francisco was more interested in the Apple Watch than any other city — 12% more interested than New Yorkers and 36% more than Los Angelenos.
  • People in Columbus, Ohio were 3.5 more interested in Call of Duty than all U.S. cities on average.
  • Southern cities (Atlanta, Houston, Austin and Dallas) were 21% more interested in FitBit wearables than people on the West Coast (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle).
  • Of all major US cities, San Francisco showed the strongest preference for the iPad over the Samsung Galaxy when it came to tablets.

Overall, the Top 10 most appealing tech gifts to consumers were:

1. The iPad
2. The Apple Watch
3. The MacBook
4. Canon Cameras
5. The Fitbit6
6. The Microsoft Surface
7. The Samsung Galaxy Tab
8. Call of Duty
9. Samsung TVs
10. The iMac

Last but not least, It’s worth pointing out that for us much shopping occurs on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers use both of these days to investigate what they’re going to purchase later into the season.

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