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[Workshop Series Recap] Managing Your Affiliate Ads Amidst COVID-19

Lauren Pica
Lauren Pica

Wow — truly speechless!

Two months ago, we couldn’t have dreamed of pulling this entire Affiliate Workshop Series off in such a short amount of time. Yet, here we are, two months later — five fantastic speakers, three successful sessions, over 2,000 registrations, and hundreds of attendees.

What inspired this series in the first place, you ask? Well, given COVID-19’s massive effect on consumer behavior (and Digital Marketing budgets everywhere), we teamed up with some of the top Media Buying leaders in the industry for a three-part Workshop Series to help Marketers through these hectic times.

This trending, platform-agnostic series surpassed all expectations, providing extremely tactical, direct to-dos Affiliates and Performance Marketers could run with as soon as each workshop ended. From data-driven lists of top-performing offers and verticals to completely open and honest Q&A forums, this was definitely a can’t-miss series.

Didn’t get a chance to make any of the sessions (or looking to re-live or share the experience)? No worries — we have all three recaps ready for you below.

Simply click the play button to watch, or feel free to visit our full recap page for further background.

Session 01: Current COVID-19 Trends + Actions to Take


    • Joe Burton, Founder, ROI Marketplace
    • Bryan Hernandez, Director of Customer Success, Outbrain


Session 02: Preparing for a Post-Coronavirus World


      • Emanuel “Manu” Cinca, Founder, Stacked Marketer (What the AFF?)
      • Haran Rosenzweig, Director of Performance, Outbrain


Session 03: [Panel] All-Things Native, All-Things Q&A


      • Josh Keller, Co-Founder, Union Square Media & Maximus
      • Amy Cheung, Senior Moderator, STM Forum
      • Ervin Hoxha, Co-Founder, TheOptimizer
      • Lauren Pica, Head of Marketing, North America, Outbrain


And that’s a wrap! But trust me, there’s a lot more where that came from — this is only just the beginning of the Performance and Affiliate learnings that we’ll be sharing.

If these workshops inspired you to test your first Native Ads campaign, we have a few more tools that you mind find useful to make setup extra easy (and optimized!). Try these highly-trafficked guides on for size: Strategic Affiliate Marketing Hub and STM Forum Expert Amy Cheung’s Native Novice Guide.

Happy Amplifying!

Lauren Pica

Lauren Pica

As the brains (and voice) behind the Outbrain brand communications (and our Head of US Marketing!), Lauren spends her days of marketing scrappiness doing everything in her power to gain and retain happy customers.