[Workshop Series Recap] Managing Your Affiliate Ads Amidst COVID-19

Wow — truly speechless!

Two months ago, we couldn’t have dreamed of pulling this entire Affiliate Workshop Series off in such a short amount of time. Yet, here we are, two months later — five fantastic speakers, three successful sessions, over 2,000 registrations, and hundreds of attendees.

What inspired this series in the first place, you ask? Well, given COVID-19’s massive effect on consumer behavior (and Digital Marketing budgets everywhere), we teamed up with some of the top Media Buying leaders in the industry for a three-part Workshop Series to help Marketers through these hectic times.

This trending, platform-agnostic series surpassed all expectations, providing extremely tactical, direct to-dos Affiliates and Performance Marketers could run with as soon as each workshop ended. From data-driven lists of top-performing offers and verticals to completely open and honest Q&A forums, this was definitely a can’t-miss series.

Didn’t get a chance to make any of the sessions (or looking to re-live or share the experience)? No worries — we have all three recaps ready for you below.

Simply click the play button to watch, or feel free to visit our full recap page for further background.

Session 01: Current COVID-19 Trends + Actions to Take


    • Joe Burton, Founder, ROI Marketplace
    • Bryan Hernandez, Director of Customer Success, Outbrain


Session 02: Preparing for a Post-Coronavirus World


      • Emanuel “Manu” Cinca, Founder, Stacked Marketer (What the AFF?)
      • Haran Rosenzweig, Director of Performance, Outbrain


Session 03: [Panel] All-Things Native, All-Things Q&A


      • Josh Keller, Co-Founder, Union Square Media & Maximus
      • Amy Cheung, Senior Moderator, STM Forum
      • Ervin Hoxha, Co-Founder, TheOptimizer
      • Lauren Pica, Head of Marketing, North America, Outbrain


And that’s a wrap! But trust me, there’s a lot more where that came from — this is only just the beginning of the Performance and Affiliate learnings that we’ll be sharing.

If these workshops inspired you to test your first Native Ads campaign, we have a few more tools that you mind find useful to make setup extra easy (and optimized!). Try these highly-trafficked guides on for size: Strategic Affiliate Marketing Hub and STM Forum Expert Amy Cheung’s Native Novice Guide.

Happy Amplifying!

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