[Guide] The No-BS Guide For Affiliate Marketers

Let’s cut to candor — Affiliate Marketers have zero time for bullshit.

While other Marketers are scrounging for budget or platforms, Affiliates are optimizing every second of their time given it’s (by far!) their scarcest resource.

Facebook, Outbrain, Google, Amazon, TikTok, Instagram… you name the platform, chances are each and every Affiliate is juggling them all.

Celebrating that, we wanted to make the lives of Affiliates (and their Native Ad campaigns) that much easier, opening up the floodgates to our internal-only optimization secrets.

And so, we cut the marketing fluff to bring you the No-BS Guide For Affiliate Marketers.


Inside, you’ll discover…

  • How to avoid (content) rejection.
  • Fundamentals of CPA-driven campaigns.
  • Internal-only targeting + optimization tips.

After all, with non-social native ads driving one-third of total display ad spend this year, Affiliates are looking to diversify away from their social ad reliance.

Let’s face it — there’s only so much traffic to be had on Facebook — whereas, with the open web, there are no audience limitations. Not to mention, Outbrain’s digital reach actually surpasses that of Facebook — spanning over 88% of the U.S.

What do you say? Time to… 👇


After you do, let us know about your favorite insights in the comments section below — we’d love your feedback.

And hey, if this inspires you to try native (or, create a new campaign, if you’re already amplifying!), we’ll be here every step of the way.

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