[Infographic] 9 Headline Tips to Help You Connect with Your Target Audience

9 Headline Tips

“Don’t Stop Reading This or You’ll Die Next Week!” Have you ever seen this headline when scrolling through social media or articles? Did you keep reading? Did you live through the next week?

Of course you did. Whether or not you read an article doesn’t determine your fate in life. Headlines, however, can determine whether or not you click to read articles or visit web pages. Words and phrases have the power to capture your attention and inspire action and engagement. They can pull you in so you become a potential customer for a company with a product or mission that resonates with you. After reading a mere 60 character headline, you could learn something new and exciting that impacts your life and perspective. Whatever the impact may be, our goal at Outbrain is to help users discover articles and products of interest.

We also strive to provide marketers and publishers with all tools they need to succeed. Headlines are a great tool that connects you to your target audience and brings you closer to the consumers you hope to engage. Companies and publisher sites can find headlines that work best for their target audiences by testing and adjusting headlines. Check out our infographic with nine headline tips to help you get started.

Overall, the headline is one of the most important parts of a successful scale, engagement, and performance. Killer creative coupled with an awesome headline and a well-designed page will allow the customer to easily discover what they need to get involved with your site. We always recommend testing multiple types of headlines. This way you’ll be able to better inform future headline creation that is efficient and purposeful.

Coming Soon: What makes a good title for e-commerce marketers?

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