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Brands and agencies are turning to attention metrics to drive better business outcomes

Brands are moving toward establishing attention as the new currency as a part of an industry-wide push for measurement tools that focus on whether someone had an opportunity to absorb an ad’s message. While viewability tells advertisers that their ads were in a consumer’s view, it doesn’t provide much beyond that, but attention shows how engaged a […]

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Navigating the 2023 holiday season: The challenges and opportunities for retail marketers

While every holiday season comes with its set of challenges, success is with the marketers and brands that understand and adapt to today’s buyer journey.

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In the business of outcomes? Why viewability is unworthy of your attention

Unlike viewability, attention metrics address more crucial inquiries such as the appropriate investment level, media performance, and the impact of the brand message on audience attention. Armed with these insights, marketers can make more confident decisions, fine-tune their media strategies to focus on more efficient attention sources, and achieve better brand outcomes as a result.

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How Outbrain’s Onyx platform goes beyond traditional ad views

Onyx ensures ads are not just seen, but are actually engaged with.

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Forget Cost Per Click. Outbrain Is Chasing Brand Budgets Now

Outbrain is out to prove that its ads can drive awareness with its launch of an attention-based offering, Onyx, that could change its monetization model.