Miho Horinouchi
Miho Horinouchi




Customer Success Manager (Advertiser-side)

「人々が自分達にとって興味があり、適切でタイムリーであると信じることができるコンテンツを発見するための支援をすること」をミッションに掲げ、50 以上の独自のアルゴリズムによる高精度レコメンドエンジンにより、読者一人ひとりに最適化された「今、あなたにオススメ!」のコンテンツを提供しています。Outbrain のレコメンデーションサービスは、世界中で多数のプレミアムパブリッシャーに導入されており、150 か国以上で 5 億人以上のユーザーが利用しています。

「雑誌を読んでいて、次のページをめくりコンテンツを読み進める高揚感をオンラインでも味わえるようにしたい。 」
そんな創業者の想いのもと、Outbrain は 2006 年にニューヨークで設立されました。米国、イギリス、イスラエル、シンガポール、オーストラリアなどの国々でオフィスを構え、開発拠点はイスラエルに置いています。
東京オフィスは 2013 年11 月に設立。2014 年4 月より本格的にサービスの提供を開始しました。大手新聞社、通信社、ポータルサイトなど、プレミアムパブリッシャーを中心に導入していただいており、多くの大手企業にも利用いただいております。


Are you a highly motivated sales professional with an entrepreneurial flair? Do you have an established network of digital contacts from the agency world in Japan? Can you become an evangelist for content marketing across the web, video and mobile platforms? If this sounds like you, then we would love to speak to you to discuss an exciting in-house position with us!
Creative, passionate, resourceful, bright, proactive, motivated, and a superb team player are just some of the numerous attributes that constitute an ideal “Outbrainer”. You must be a hard-driving dealmaker with the ability to source/build a revenue pipeline and be able to move potential prospects consistently from start to finish.
Outbrain provides a fun, fast-paced, hardworking culture, built on top of exceptional performance packed with a competitive salary package. What matters here is getting the job done. It is less about where or when you do you work, and more about its quality and result. We also recognize that valuable ideas can come from anyone and have created an environment that highly respects your independence.


■KPI の定点観測、分析、改善施策のレポーティング


  • To grasp the significance of our clients’ business and marketing issues, planning/proposing native advertising strategies, evaluate KPIs, and drafting/proposing various marketing analysis methods whilst being conscious of the overall optimization
  • To be aware of customer engagement and attribution, and in addition, to be able to use this awareness to come up with alternative yet advantageous methods of effective guidance
  • Analysis and improvement of operational parameters regarding campaign designs, bid management, and other creative aspects
  • To report fixed point observations, analysis, and improvement measures taken
  • To document and communicate information efficiently and adequately


[Desired skills and experience]

  • Expertise and experience with display advertisement, DSP, listing advertisement, social advertisement, native advertisement, and operations/applications
  • Knack with sales, proposals, and presentations
  • Quick-thinker with advanced analytical skills and logical thinking
  • Interest in changing the technology and business environment, and having the ability to absorb a myriad of information and process them rapidly
  • Ability to cooperate with every other departments within the company
  • Communication skills and driving force to promote things
  • Business level English ability
Miho Horinouchi

Miho Horinouchi

アウトブレインジャパン株式会社 マーケティングマネージャー