How to leverage AI in your ad campaigns

  • Joe Addona
    Head of Global Sales, Performance Advertisers, Outbrain

  • Kamila Łuksza-Szpyt
    Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Voluum

  • Giulia Bernasconi
    Account Manager, Performance Advertisers, Outbrain

A threat or an opportunity, AI is on everyone’s lips right now. And while most people theorize about the implications AI might have, we have prepared a webinar with three experts who talk about the practical implications of AI in digital advertising.

From easy content creation to market insights, AI allows humans to make more high-level, strategic decisions, saving them from polishing CTAs and headlines by themselves.

  • Tips on using AI to create your campaigns easier

  • Capabilities of the AI-based optimisation at Voluum

  • AI-based targeting, buying models and other features at Outbrain

  • Opportunities & limitations of current technologies

  • Important risks which cannot be ignored

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