How to Convert Traffic Into Leads with Native Ads

How to Convert Traffic Into Leads with Native Ads

How to Convert Traffic Into Leads with Native Ads

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15 min reading time
  • Introduction
  • Why Native?
  • Headlines, images and content best practices
  • Launching your first campaign
  • Industry insights - creatives and keywords


Why should I read The Performance Marketer’s Guide to Navigating Native?
Because you’re a juggler who wears many hats within the marketing mix, but you understand digital advertising isn’t a one-trick pony.

At Outbrain, we’re your partner on this storytelling journey — providing exceptional performance marketers like you with data-driven tactics to accelerate your conversion optimization.

The accompanying pages break down everything you need to content-conquer, from successfully launching your first campaign to exclusive native industry insights.

Why Native?

Content is king, and it’s not going to be dethroned anytime soon.

In recent years, brands have uncovered how to utilize content to better serve the needs of their target audiences, igniting the future of native advertising.

Native fights ad fatigue by exposing brands within editorial content, engaging the audience with relevant and refreshed discoveries. In fact, consumers trust content on publisher sites 24.4% more1 than content they see on social platforms, and look at native ads 53% more than display ads.

With Outbrain, it’s easy to cultivate a personalized reader experience with infinite access to top publishers, and continuous, conversion-driven product enhancements.


Campaign Creation
We’re kicking this content-filled guide off with our secret weapon — the go-to breakdown for creating and optimizing the most successful campaigns. Keep your eyes peeled for some handy tips ‘n’ tricks inside, too! 

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