Carousel ads

A carousel ad is a type of online ad that allows you to showcase multiple images, GIFs, headlines, and descriptions in a single ad unit that functions like a rotating carousel. With this format, you can display more information than a single image or text-based ad, so you can engage with potential customers in a unique way. 

What is a carousel ad?

A carousel ad is an advertising format that allows businesses to showcase multiple products or services within a single advertisement. The ads are created by selecting a handful of images and/or videos, and supporting text, which are then combined  into a single ad consisting of separate “cards” displayed in a revolving carousel format.  

Carousel ads are becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes, because they offer more flexibility than traditional ad formats. Not only can you include multiple images or videos in a single carousel ad, but you can also customize each image or video to better fit the message you’re trying to convey. This means that you can choose to focus on one product, use multiple images that tell a story, or showcase a variety of products in a single ad. 

Carousel ads are more engaging than other ad formats. With multiple images or videos linked to a single landing page, viewers are more likely to click through and explore the various options that are available. This helps to increase the number of leads that you’re able to generate. 

Why are carousel ads effective?

As digital marketers search for more effective ways to reach their target audience, carousel ads are becoming an increasingly popular tool to engage and convert potential customers. Instead of having to cram all of the information into a single ad, carousel ads allow you to break up the story into multiple images and text blocks, enabling a more creative and unique ad experience. Carousel ads can be used to highlight multiple products, feature customer reviews, showcase different features of a single product, or tell a story about a brand. 

Here are three reasons why carousel ads are so effective:

1. Carousel Ads are an eye-catching and interactive way to present information and visuals to consumers, allowing them to engage with the content and learn more about the product or service being offered via multiple cards in a single ad. 

2. Carousel Ads are easily customizable and can be used to showcase multiple products or services with different visuals, making them an ideal way to advertise a range of offerings. 

3. Carousel Ads are a great way to tell a story that captures the attention of viewers, and encourage them to click through to learn more about the brand, product or service. Storytelling in ads is a powerful way to drive conversions and sales.

How to use carousel ads

With carousel ads, marketers have a flexible ad format to showcase a product from several angles, promote a product collection or several products, or even tell a story to drive customers to click and convert. Here are some tips on how to use carousel ads: 

1. Identify your goal. Before you create a carousel ad, it’s important to identify what you want to accomplish with the ad. Do you want more website clicks, more conversions, or more awareness? Knowing your goal will help you create the best carousel ad for your needs. 

2. Select the right media. Carousel ads give you the opportunity to use multiple types of media, from images to videos to product listings. Choose the type of media that is most likely to engage your audience and achieve your desired goal. 

3. Keep it simple. Each card in the carousel should have a clear and concise message. Don’t overload your ad with too much text or too many images. Instead, focus on a few simple messages that will be easy for users to understand. If you are creating a story in your carousel ad, make sure it flows in a captivating way.

4. Monitor results. Once your carousel ad is live, it’s important to track the results. Monitor engagement, clicks, and conversions to see which cards are the most successful.

Which advertising platforms support carousel ads?

Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads all offer carousel ads. On Facebook, users can create ads with up to 10 images or videos, while Instagram users can use up to 10 images or videos in a carousel ad. 

Google Ads also has a carousel ad option, which allows businesses to feature up to five images or videos in an ad. In addition to these platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube also offer carousel ads. LinkedIn and Twitter both offer carousel ads with up to 10 images or videos, while Pinterest and YouTube support up to five images or videos in an ad. 

Marketers can advertise natively with carousel ads via Outbrain. Outbrain Carousel Smartads support a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 cards. Craft the ad with images, GIFs and text, as well as titles and a CTA button to drive conversions.

How to calculate ROAS of carousel ads

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is a metric used to measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns. It is calculated by dividing the total revenue generated by the total cost of the advertising campaign. 

To calculate the ROAS of carousel ads, start by gathering the data needed, including the total cost of the carousel ad, total impressions, total clicks, total conversions, and total revenue generated from the carousel ad. Once you have the necessary data, divide the total revenue generated by the total cost of the carousel ad. This will give you the ROAS of the carousel ad. 

For example, if the total cost of the carousel ad was $1000, total impressions were 10,000, total clicks were 500, total conversions were 10, and the total revenue generated was $2000, then the ROAS calculation would be: 

This means that for every dollar spent on the carousel ad, two dollars were generated in revenue.

Brands that advertise with carousel ads

1. Amazon: Amazon often uses carousel ads to show off different products or collections, using visuals and concise descriptions to entice customers. This type of ad is particularly effective since customers can quickly scroll through the products and get a better understanding of the range of items available. 

2. Nike: Nike is a master of creating compelling carousel ads that capture attention. The brand often uses the format to showcase its latest collections, featuring vibrant visuals and a range of products for customers to choose from. 

3. Sephora: Sephora’s carousel ads are an effective way to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to shop. The ads feature limited-time offers and discounts to attract customers, while also showcasing the range of products available. 

4. Starbucks: Starbucks’ carousel ads are a great way to show off new products and flavors. The ads typically feature mouth-watering visuals and descriptions of the drinks, making it easy for customers to quickly identify something they like.