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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started with Outbrain?

    Installing Outbrain is as easy as placing a small JavaScript tag on pages where you want to display content recommendations. An Outbrain Account Manager will help you customize Outbrain for your specific needs. Please contact us to get started or to request a demo.

  • Do I have to register?

    Yes, you will need to register so we can give you access to advanced settings and reporting. Registration is completely free and super easy – and you can do it right here.

  • I registered but didn't get an activation email.

    One possibility is that you entered your email address in incorrectly. Try to sign in with your username and password, and you will be given a chance to review the email address you submitted and change it if necessary. If it’s correct, then our mail might have been flagged as spam and ended up in your junk mail folder. Check to make sure it’s not there.

  • How do you choose what to recommend?

    When choosing recommendations, our algorithms look at a variety of factors to determine the best links for each user, including contextual similarities, post popularity and audience patterns. Since our recommendations are personalized for each user, we can also filter out links to posts he/she has already read. Our algorithms are all geared to help your readers find interesting content and boost engagement. Read more about how it works.

  • Do you recommend video content?

    Yes, we will recommend content that includes videos. If you are using the Thumbnail Discovery Module, we will insert a thumbnail of your embedded video above the recommendation (We support YouTube and Vimeo, currently).

  • What kind of traffic lift should I expect from Outbrain?

    Click-through rates on our recommendations vary considerably, but you’ll likely see a click-through rate of between 4-10%. Pretty nice page view lift for a little Discovery Module, right?

  • Can I generate revenue with Outbrain?

    Yes! If your site receives over 10 million monthly US article page views and you have installed the Discovery Module for 30 days, you may qualify for a revenue share from hosting sponsored recommendations. Please contact us to enroll. Outbrain provides a content discovery experience for your website free of charge. If your site does not qualify for a revenue share, any revenue generated by external recommendations will serve to support this free service and improve the content discovery experience we provide to your site.

  • What are Sponsored Recommendations?

    Sponsored recommendations, like all Outbrain recommendations, are links to high quality articles and content. Customers pay us to distribute these recommendations across our publisher partners and they are clearly marked as paid. Outbrain has strict content guidelines to ensure we are only promoting quality stories that are interesting and well written. Our goal is to provide your readers with links to great content, whether sponsored or not.

  • How can I show my appreciation for your free service?

    You can blow us kisses… we love that. You can also write about us on your blog, tweet about us and tell others about the Outbrain service.

  • Can you help drive a bigger audience to my site?

    We sure can! Use Amplify Self-Serve to get your content recommended on more than 70,000 publisher sites in our network including premium publishers like CNN and USA Today. Our content amplification platform helps drive highly engaged traffic to your content and build a new audience. The best part is, you can do it for as little as $10 a day. Plus, unlike traditional ad networks, the more clicks to your content, the more you will drive down your CPC over time so using Amplify Self-Serve is super easy and cost-effective.

  • I installed Outbrain, but I don't see the Discovery Module.

    Occasionally we don’t render immediately on custom Blogger templates or custom site structures. If you don’t see any recommendations after an hour, please contact your Account Manager of and we’ll see how to pop you into place.

  • I turned on thumbnail images but see bubble images. What's that?

    When you install, Outbrain crawls your posts to identify images and decide what to recommend. This one-time process may take a few hours after you first install. The bubble images will be replaced with real images once this process is complete. As you publish new posts, we will grab associated images much more quickly. If the images do not appear after several hours contact your Account Manager or

  • What are those red [x]s showing up next to the recommended links?

    That’s our Link Zapper! Only you can see red [x]s next to Outbrain links – your readers do not see them. By clicking one of the red [x]s, you can remove recommendations from your site. They are intended to allow you to have full editorial control over the recommendations that appear on your site. In order to see them, you must be logged into Outbrain.

  • There's a recommendation showing on my site that I want to remove. Can I?

    Yes. When you log into Outbrain and revisit your site, you’ll see red [X]s next to every recommendation. Clicking the [x] will permanently remove that link from being recommended on your site. Only you can see the red [x]s, they are invisible to all outside visitors to your site.

  • Are there any content types that are prohibited from installing the Discovery Module?

    Outbrain code may not be installed on sites that promote or are in connection with the following categories: (1) Adult, (2) Alcohol, (3) Drugs, (4) Tobacco, (5) Gambling, (6) Games/Contests/Sweepstakes/Samples/Coupons (7) Malware, and (8) Weapons & Explosives. Other prohibited content types are forum/community and e-commerce content. Aside from the above categories, most other content would be ok as long as the site consists of articles, videos, or slideshows. Outbrain reserves the right to reject any website for any reason, at our sole discretion.

  • I have another problem that isn't addressed above.

    If you need further assistance, please contact your Account Manager or

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