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If you want to know what Outbrain understands about your interests, you can access your Interest Profile and review your choices (like withdrawing your consent).

You can also visit the NAI or YourOnlineChoices to learn more about other organisations that may monitor your online interactions and opt out or withdraw your consent from such tracking from all participating organisations.

Outbrain's privacy policy further describes how Outbrain collects, uses and shares your personal data. Outbrain may transfer some of your personal data to third-party partners to serve ads more likely to interest you. Visit your Interest Profile to withdraw your consent from behavioural advertising and/or to stop your personal data from being transferred to Outbrain's third-party partners.

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Outbrain has a firm policy against fake news which is why we support efforts to educate audiences on how to stay critical and informed. Here are some resources:

LAMPLIT - The LAMP, A Field Guide to Fake News - First Draft & Public Data Lab