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Outbrain Engage understands your audience's browsing habits across all content types and recommends personalized links based on each individual's content preference.

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Smart engagement

  • Increase page views and time spent on site by showcasing your best content
  • Drive traffic from lower value pages to content that is more monetizable
  • Offer a more personalized experience
  • Enjoy clickthrough rates well above industry average

Native monetization

  • Generate revenue with links to high quality third-party content
  • Monetize below the fold without sacrificing reader experience – no direct response or disruptive ads
  • Increase inventory of your highest value pages

Full customization

Integrates seamlessly into the look and feel of your site

Real-time analytics

Learn about your highest-performing and most clicked articles with our reporting dashboard


Our primary focus is your audience. Offering the best experience possible is our #1 goal.

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Sharing their love of Outbrain

P. Reyhan, Digital Content at Allstate

"I think of Outbrain the same way I think of a bag of my favorite tortilla chips. Once you start, you just can't stop. We saw immediate, positive results from day one onward. Outbrain is definitely a no- brainer."

New York Post

"Outbrain provides a solution to native monetization for the web and mobile that is both flexible and easy to implement. We're thrilled to be working with them."

Katrina Craigwell, Digital Marketing at GE

"Promoting content in context is key. Outbrain helps GE reach audiences that are discussing everything from commercial aviation, to marine technology, to artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Our goal is always to deliver content that adds value to the conversations being held by the end user. Outbrain allows us to do just that."

Brendan Monaghan, VP Business Development at Slate

"Working with Outbrain has been a thoroughly rewarding experience, from the lift in revenue and engagement on our site to their editorially friendly approach. It's a partnership we're proud to be part of."

Flora Lels, GM Style & Design at Federated Media

"Connecting engaged audiences with high quality content is at the heart of what we do at Federated Media, which is why Outbrain has proved to be the perfect partner. Their traffic acquisition platform has been so effective, their services are always top of mind when it comes to driving qualified traffic."

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Outbrain is happy to announce the acquisition of Visual Revenue, a union of content discovery and editorial decision support.

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