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Discovery Wherever You Need It

Our Discovery Modules help you showcase your most engaging content and redirect audiences to specific sections.
They’re the basis for the web’s premier native monetization solution. In-stream, in-player, infinite scroll; wherever you need it.

Your Website
Your Website
Third Party Website

Organic Discovery

Use your business and editorial rules to recirculate visitors via optimized modules.

Promoted Discovery

Generate revenue with links to high-quality content from our 7MM deep index.

Mobile. The Publishing Frontier.

As your audience migrates to mobile, Outbrain puts you in a position to greet them with your own great content, plus the
tool set needed to monetize any mobile asset -- on any platform and any device.

Built for engagement

Using our API or SDK framework, you’re always serving your audience

A natural fit

Only content is truly native to mobile. It’s what makes our monetization so highly successful

Seamless integration

A single expression of your editorial product bolstered by our blend of technology and monetization

Meet users at every touchpoint

We can always recommend a what’s next:

Naturally Driven Audience Engagement

In the business of creating content, there’s only one truly form of native, and that is providing your user with a feed of content
they can trust. The world’s leading media companies look to us for our seemingly limitless ways to weave in content that drives
audience delight – AND revenue.

Deploy with simple javascript or our API. We integrate naturally to just about any design.
We seamlessly adapt what users see on the desktop to what users get on mobile devices.
Optimize content recommendations according to your editorial and business objectives
Embed recommendations into your video player or throughout your property to drive video views
Naturally scale native campaigns across your property and across the web with Outbrain Amplify

Tools for the Editor of Tomorrow

The Editorial Suite is built on our belief that judgment and decision-making can be enhanced by real-time decision support.
It reduces the complexity of managing content, increases audience engagement, and maintains your distinctive editorial voice.

Real-time Recommendations

We condense countless points of audience activity and offer a concise set of suggestions, plus the direct means to take action.

Instant Headline & Image Testing

On-the-fly editorial control to increase audience engagement. An editor enters the alternative headline or image. Data determines a winner.

A Clear View of Social Success

Managing the social media channel is vital, so we deliver a real-time view of success or failure in it, plus clear recommendations on what to do next.

You Are the Company You Keep

Our partnerships with premium publishers are the foundation of our company.
Our pride in showcasing them is surpassed only by our respect for their standing with audiences around the world.

Why Choose Outbrain?

Publisher Values

We appreciate that our success is built on a publisher’s bond of audience trust

Content Guidelines

Following them means generating revenue without jeopardizing our partners’ relationships

Editorial Resources

Our technology is driven to improve your core product: the content that appears on your sites

Innovative Leadership

We created and pioneered content discovery for publishers. We’ll also help them discover what’s next.

Amplify Your Content

Get links to your content recommended across more than 100,000 publisher sites.

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