Hello Techies!

A lot has been going with technology on Outbrain in the last year or two and we haven’t had the time to sit and tell it to the world. Well, some of it we share in our Hebrew podcast, Ran have shared some of it in his blog but I felt it  is time to set-up a formal technology blog for Outbrain.

Some of the posts here will be written by myself but I truly hope that most of them will be written by the team members (those that actually do the work :)).

what is it going to be about? Well, that’s easy, Tech stuff like:

  • Software geeks goodies that we do in Outbrain.
  • infrastructures and systems we use and enthusiastic about.
  • we will try to share some of our architectural designs and considerations.
  • Ops/IT stuff, how we choose to do things.
  • our culture and how we work to “Get things done”
  • cool algorithms and how to make them scale.

OK, enough with the build-up, let’s see how much time will it take to write the first tech post.

Enjoy the blog

Ori Lahav

Outbrain CTO

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