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What Are The Remaining Challenges To Progressing Gender Equality?

Society has come a long way on gender equality but there is still a long way to go. The workplace is one of the many places where continued action is needed to tackle inequality. The reality is that there are important discussions and revelations surrounding the obstacles women still face in the workplace, which range […]

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Cookie-cutting delayed to 2024: APAC adtech leaders respond

Google said the industry is still not ready for a post-cookie world

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Industry Reacts To Google’s Delay On Blocking Third Party Cookies Again

For the second time since the initial announcement of the sunsetting of its cookies program, Google has pushed back the expected date of the cull to the second half of 2024.

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What Google’s new delay to the end of cookies means for marketers

Reports on the death of the cookie have been greatly exaggerated. Google has again delayed its plan to get rid of third-party cookies, those bits of code that track visitors online, helping to finely target advertising.

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The day after: the industry reacts to Google’s postponed cookie purge

Google Chrome yesterday announced it will delay third-party cookie deprecation until 2024. It’s the second time that the tech giant has extended its timeline for eliminating the tracking technology.