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Removing silos has become essential for both publisher revenue and reader experience

As publishers pursue the critical goal of revenue diversification, competing KPIs have become a significant blocker — not only slowing the pursuit of revenue streams but also compromising the user experience.

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Outbrain Appoints Alexander Erlmeier as Chief Revenue Officer

Alexander Erlmeier will serve as its next Chief Revenue Officer. Erlmeier, a ten-year veteran of Outbrain, will be responsible for global business development and growth across all regions and functions of the business organization.

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Daily Mail Group Forms Content Recommendation Partnership With Outbrain.

The multi-year deal will feed organic and paid content across international platforms.

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Outbrain Releases Keystone: A Holistic Business Optimization Platform for Media Owners

New business line uses proprietary bidding and optimization AI technology to activate revenue streams beyond advertising.

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The NDA Cannes Roundtable: Can advertisers save the open web?

How should advertisers split their budgets between the open web and the major ‘walled gardens’? Do advertisers have a moral responsibility to help safeguard the future strength and diversity of the open web?