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  • How does pricing work?
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  • You set the amount you’re willing to pay for someone clicking on your content.

  • You pay ONLY when someone actually clicks on your recommended content.

  • You can start with a budget as low as $10 per day.

  • Outbrain is the world’s largest content discovery platform.

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We accept content that offers informational or entertainment value to the reader.

Content we love

  • Blog posts, articles, and infographics

  • Videos, slideshows, and podcasts

  • Press coverage, third-party reviews, and other earned media

Content we don’t accept

  • Home pages

  • Self promotional content

  • Direct sale landing pages

  • Adult content

  • Content with misleading advertising techniques

Watch this video for more details.

  • To drive highly engaged traffic to articles or videos.

  • To grow the number of sales and quality leads to your business.

  • To reach audiences only on mobile or in a specific state, region, or country around the world.

  • To build qualified audience cookie pools and use them for retargeting in other display networks.

Thousands of smart marketers, agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, world renowned brands, and publishers use Outbrain Amplify to promote great content that drives real business results.

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