Why am I not getting traffic?

Did you check your dashboard and notice that your campaign is not receiving any clicks or impressions? If you’re worried, don’t be. When monitoring data, note that there is a 2-4 hour delay for metrics to display in the dashboard. Aside from that, a few things can lead to low campaign performance. With a few tweaks, you can get the campaign maxing out its daily budget in no time.


B-E aggressive with your CPC. This value is a big determinant of how often your content gets shown in our network, so starting with a low CPC will alert our algorithms that your content is not competitive, and they’ll ultimately phase it out of the network. As you start to build a reputation in the system with a strong CPC and high-quality content, you can then afford to lower your CPC gradually.

Our helpful guide can assist in determining which starting CPC is right for you.

Not Enough Content

If you only have one piece of content in your campaign, it is likely that your campaign won’t reach its daily budget (even with a strong CPC!). The more variety you offer our system, the quicker our algorithms can locate your ideal audience. We recommend adding in 6-8 variations of the same URL or a diverse mix of different URLs. Either way, you can use our Variations tool to quickly fill your campaigns with an assorted range of content, giving them a higher chance of success.

Narrow Reach

Targeting a small location and/or an underpopulated custom audience segment can limit your audience reach, causing the campaign to underperform. If your ideal customers are located in a small region, it is recommended to increase CPCs in order to remain competitive in the network. Make sure to also view the Reach Estimator and gauge your potential reach and ensure it’s in a healthy zone.

Non-Engaging Headlines and Images

When a reader sees your recommendation in Outbrain widgets, they’ll only see the title and the image you have chosen to showcase your content. Therefore, titles should be interesting, clear, and should be valuable for readers. Pairing a headline with a descriptive image will also provide more context to the reader. Our best practices guide is full of great examples of what performs best in the Outbrain network.

Still stuck? We know the feeling! Reach out to our Support team and we’ll help jump-start your campaign.

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