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    Where can I create Lookalike Audiences?

    Currently, Lookalike Audiences can only be built with users from the following countries and in the select languages attached to each country:

    • United States (English, Spanish)
    • United Kingdom (English)
    • Germany (German)
    • France (French)
    • Japan (Japanese)
    • Israel (Hebrew)
    • Brazil (Portuguese, English)
    • Australia (English)
    • Italy (Italian)
    • Spain (Spanish, English)
    • India (English)
    • Singapore (English)
    • Canada (English)
    • Mexico (Spanish, English)
    • New Zealand (English)
    • Switzerland (German)
    • Belgium (French)
    • Austria (German)
    • Netherlands (Dutch, English)
    • Indonesia (Indonesian, English)
    • Philippines (English)
    • Malaysia (English)

    At this time, Lookalike Audiences are not available in any other language besides a country’s primary language.

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