What is KPI Optimization?

If receiving conversions is the KPI for your campaign, our KPI Optimization tool will recommend your content where it’s most likely to convert. Marketers who have used this tool experienced an average of 36% uplift in conversion rates.

conversion rate funnel

Enabling KPI Optimization allows our network to narrow in and replicate click patterns that led to a conversion for your campaign, boosting the overall rate.

How it Works

Once you have received 80 conversions or more within a 2-week period, reach out to our Support team to get KPI Optimization enabled. Once confirmed, our system will adjust the campaign CPC depending on the likelihood of a conversion. For the best-converting sources, the CPC rate may be up to 50% higher than your set rate. If our system determines that a conversion isn’t likely, a lower CPC will be used for the recommendation.

Our system will optimize towards the best CPC to use, resulting in a different CPC average each day. Note that changing the CPC in your dashboard will also shift the percent range in which our network dynamically bids.

How to Get Started

  • Install the Outbrain Pixel to begin tracking conversions.
  • Monitor your campaign until it has generated at least 80 conversions within a 2-week span.
  • Contact our Support team to enable KPI Optimization for a specific campaign.

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