How many times will my content be shown each day?

Since our platform does not charge by impressions, you will only be able to measure how many clicks you can expect each day. You can calculate your maximum daily traffic by dividing your budget by your CPC (Budget / CPC).

Your daily budget can start at a minimum of $20/day; so, if your CPC is $0.50, you’ll receive 40 clicks before reaching your set $20 budget. However, if you only receive 1 click, we’ll only charge 50 cents, regardless of the remaining budget.

You can keep track of your impressions, clicks, and spend (broken down by budget, campaign, day, or month) using the data tabs in your Outbrain dashboard.

If you’re receiving too few impressions, this could indicate that your device, location, or audience targeting is too narrow, or that your CPC is too low. If you aren’t receiving any impressions at all, even though your campaign is active, there may be a problem with your account. You can contact our Support team to diagnose the issue.

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