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    How do I create a Instant Smartad campaign?


    What is the Instant Smartad format?

    The Instant format is a new ad experience that appears in the same way standard Outbrain formats do, but allows consumers to stay on the publisher site when clicking the ad.

    The key benefit this Smartad offers is what happens after a consumer clicks. Rather than directing consumers to a third-party site or landing page, where the consumer will have to wait for a page to load to continue their browsing journey, the Instant Smartad allows consumers to engage with linked content directly on the publisher’s page where they’re already browsing. 

    This creates a more seamless user experience and reduces disruption, which in turn results in more engagement and conversion.

    Is the Instant Smartad a good fit for my campaign?

    This ad format can be used for several purposes: 

    • Driving more leads/sign ups by linking to a lead form (allowing a consumer to fill out a lead form on your landing page within the iFrame without leaving the publisher site)
    • Driving engaged traffic to read an article or piece of content marketing (via iFrame, rather than having to leave the publisher site)
    • Driving conversions and sales (completion of add-to-cart, purchases, etc.)

    How does the Instant format work?

    The Instant format appears exactly as the standard Outbrain Smartad does. The key difference is the behavior of the format upon consumer click: your linked content or landing page will appear within an iFrame (full screen, mobile) on the publisher site your consumer is already on — creating a better and more seamless user experience.

    You must ensure that your landing page is compatible with this format. Please ensure your landing page HTML does NOT contain “x-frame: DENY.”  If that property is present in the HTML, you will need to update the page code before activating your campaign. The Amplify Dashboard will display an error if your landing page contains this parameter when uploading your URL.

    Setting up your campaign 

    Start by selecting “Add Campaign” as you typically would, in the right-hand corner of the Dashboard. 

    • Select any of the available “Campaign Goals” — Instant ads may be used for any campaign goal. 
    •  You’ll then be directed to select your creative format, where you can select “Instant.” 

    Setting your bidding strategy, budget, and targeting

    • Choose your Conversion Bid Strategy. Conversion Bid Strategy uses Outbrain’s proprietary machine learning mechanisms to automatically optimize your campaign toward your desired goal, whether it be to maximize conversions or hit a specific CPA.
    • Next, enter your CPC. There is no minimum CPC for the Instant Smartad, but be sure to choose a CPC that will ensure your campaign can hit its goals. 
    • Continue to fill out all typical steps of creating your campaign, with any desired scheduling and targeting options. If you need a refresher on best practices for setting up your campaign, visit this Help Center article
      • Please note (as stated above) that Instant Smartad campaigns run across mobile web traffic only — selecting Desktop targeting will have no effect on your campaign.
    • Once you’ve completed the above, click “Next” to upload your content and build your Instant Smartad. 
    • Important Note: The Outbrain pixel and all third-party trackers will continue to function as usual for this campaign type. Any trackers installed on your landing page will continue to track visits, events, or conversions as they typically would.

    Creating your Instant Smartad

    • Creating your Instant Smartad is very straightforward — the creative specs for this format are exactly the same as Outbrain’s standard creative specs. 
      • Site Name (Sponsored By): Up to 60 characters.
      • Title (Headline): Up to 100 characters, 60-80 characters recommended. 
      • Image: 1200×800 px.
        • Please note that GIFs are not supported.
      • CTA: Available from the pre-defined list within the Dashboard. 
        • CTA buttons are supported in 10 languages, including English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish.
      • Description: Up to 150 characters.
      • URL: Upload your site or landing page URL as you typically would. 
        • IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the Instant Smartad allows your linked content to load directly on the publisher page (via an iFrame), you must ensure that your landing page/site HTML does not include the property “x-frame: DENY.” This will prohibit your content from loading when consumers click. The Dashboard will display an error if you upload a URL with this property.
        • Remember: The Outbrain pixel and all third-party trackers will continue to function as usual for this campaign type. Any trackers installed on your landing page will continue to track visits, events, or conversions as they typically would.
    • You may upload as many creative variations/ads as you would like within your Instant Smartad campaign.


    After you’ve completed all of the required fields, click “Launch Campaign.”


    At this stage, your content will be marked as “approved,” “rejected,” or “pending” (if edits are required) following review from our Content Team. If your content is pending and requires an edit, simply click the pencil icon next to your content title. 


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