D2C Skincare Line Ogee Taps into Outbrain to Drive Online Sales at a ROAS of 180%

Success Story

Organic-certified luxury skincare line Ogee, teaming up with award-winning agency AdRizer, was in search of a partner to help drive online sales while maintaining a strong ROAS and low CPA. Ogee historically spent a significant portion of its ad dollars with Facebook, but when performance dipped at the start of 2021, AdRizer sought opportunities to help Ogee diversify its advertising channels while efficiently maximizing conversions.


With its extensive knowledge and expertise in native advertising, AdRizer tapped into Outbrain, whose performance-centric solutions delivered stellar results for Ogee.


Ogee’s agency team at AdRizer collaborated closely with their dedicated Outbrain Customer Success Manager to formulate a winning strategy:

  • Tested Outbrain’s newest performance ad format, Clip, whose engagement-focused elements (such as a strong CTA button) helped Ogee to utilize short-form video assets to spark user action.
  • Used the Target ROAS setting of Conversion Bid Strategy, Outbrain‘s proprietary auto-optimization tool whose predictive AI allowed their team to establish a strong foundation while automation guaranteed performance toward ROAS and CPA goals.
  • Combined the automation of Conversion Bid Strategy with the ability to monitor performance and make any necessary manual adjustments including budget allocation and publisher allowlist.
  • Developed and tested various creative versions dedicated to each skincare product.


Clip enabled Ogee to utilize their short-form video assets to showcase their beautiful products while still driving online sales. Concurrently, Conversion Bid Strategy gave AdRizer the power to set tactical benchmarks while leaning on Outbrain’s advanced algorithm to do the heavy-lifting and maximize conversions.

It‘s scary how well CBS worked. We loved just watching the traffic and conversions come in after just setting it and forgetting it. At a certain point, we were doubling our budgets every day.”


Outbrain drives the best results, and just outperforms others every time. Outbrain has done the best out of all of our native partners, by far — it‘s been nowhere close.”


“After Facebook‘s iOS 14 update, Ogee.com had to re-adjust their Facebook efforts. This allowed us at AdRizer to diversify the advertising mix and further scale Outbrain, all thanks to Clip ads. The second we started using Clip, our campaigns totally took off.

Tyler Torcivia, Digital Strategist at AdRizer

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