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With more than 100 billion trillion blogs in the world, getting your content discovered can be tough, which is why we’re so pleased to be working with bloggers and small biz folks to ensure your content reaches new eyes and ears every day. Recently, we’ve been asked a ton of great questions about Outbrain’s Amplify Self-Serve platform and how to enhance content marketing success.

In this series, we’re sharing some of the questions we’ve received from actual Self-Serve users and our best advice for improving the work we’re doing together. Feel free to leave additional questions in the Comments section beneath the article if you’re interested in even more information.

Q: How does the CPC pricing model work? I want to ensure I’m not paying high CPCs

A: Our CPC model is different than more traditional advertising platforms. Essentially, we’re all about helping find interesting content. So the beauty of working with us is that the quality of your content and the interest it generates is what drives the success of your campaign. So, unlike ad networks where a higher CPC means more impressions and bigger budgets end up winning out, Outbrain will serve your content across our publisher network based on a combination of your CPC and click-through rates (CTR).

We recommend starting a campaign with a 15c CPC. This is the  recommended network average that will initially help to increase your reach across the network. As your content starts to drive clicks, our recommendations engine will start serving your content even more. The more clicks you get, the more you will be served, so that over time, if you have a lot of high performing content that consistently generates a high number of clicks, you no longer need your CPC to give you that reach. So you can reduce your CPC gradually to drive more clicks for the same daily budget.

As a basic example, if you set a $10 daily budget with a 15c CPC. $10 divided by 15c gives you slightly more than 66 clicks a day. If your content performs really well and gets lots of clicks, you could reduce this CPC to 10c. So you’re immediately increasing your clicks to 150 per day without increasing your budget.

Q: How often should I produce and add content?

A: People will often ask me how often they should develop new content. Should they be writing a new post each day, 2-3 times a week?

At the end of the day, I always say it comes down to the quality of your content and how often you think you can produce high-level content that’s going to engage and interest people. There’s no value in churning out poor content that won’t engage your consumers and will ultimately be a waste of your precious time!

When you start your Outbrain campaign, it’s best to include as much quality content as possible. If you have a blog, add your RSS feed so every time you publish a post it gets automatically amplified on our network. The more content you have, the more chance you have to drive clicks. Adding new content on a regular basis will also help drive more clicks. It will also help you determine over time which content performs best and engages your audience, which will help inform your long term content marketing strategy.

Q: What’s a good CTR?

A: Generally, a 0.25% CTR for a .10-.15c CPC is a good indicator that your content is performing well. If your CTR is lower, think about improving your title to drive more click-through.

Q: I have a couple of articles that are generating a huge amount of clicks, but I want to push traffic to some newer content that I’ve created on a different section of my site. 

A: With the way our recommendations engine works, the more interest and clicks a particular piece of content gets, the more we’ll serve it. When you have new content that you want to drive traffic to, we suggest you pause your other high-performing content to allow your newer content to run and generate clicks. As this content starts to generate clicks and get served more and more, you can re-introduce your other content again to help drive more clicks for your campaign overall.


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Natalie Chan

Natalie Chan

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