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Eirini Pan
Eirini Pan

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Content Conversation event shows us how marketers can make the most of mobile.

Digital marketing professionals gathered to attend Outbrain’s latest Content Conversation forum at the Phoenix in central London last month, with an influential panel of speakers in the field of digital marketing, chaired by IAB UK’s Head of Mobile Alex Kozloff.

The central topic for discussion surrounded the challenges and opportunities of mobile marketing in 2015, with presentations from Jonathan Bown – Deputy Group Director of Digital Content for OK, New and Star magazines, Nichol Callaghan – Digital Strategy Manager at STA Travel and Thomas Schulz – Chief Commercial Officer at SOMO, presenting some best in class content examples that range in format types as well as the kind of KPIs they deliver.

The Multi-Channel Challenge

The panel discussed the ongoing predicament of producing engaging content across multiple channels. Each member of the panel spoke about the specific challenges that their organisations are facing, with the evolution of content marketing and the on-going hype around mobile-friendly marketing techniques. Both from the publisher, brand and agency side, a clear theme emerged about the need to produce user-friendly content at the same time as maintaining viewer engagement and traffic.

Common challenges include the difference in speed and practicality of mobile devices in comparison to desktop and laptop computers, meaning certain types of content may not be as effective or viable on a smaller platform. The importance of knowing where to place content was a consideration discussed by each panel member – with all discussing using multiple devices that their target audiences would own and use.

Impact of Bandwidth on Video

Video content was also deemed highly problematic because of erratic streaming speeds on mobile devices that may not always be connected to the internet or receive strong enough data coverage. Marketers should therefore keep video content as succinct as possible if they believe that the target consumer is most likely to access the content on a mobile device.

Despite these problems, average page views for browsing sessions on a mobile device are increasing and closing the gap on that of desktop users, which shows that marketers are finding ways of keeping their audiences more engaged – something that we will all have to learn to do more of as the use of mobile continues to grow exponentially.

The evening ended with panel members answering questions from the floor, and overall it proved to be a fascinating and highly educational exchange of perspectives and lessons about mobile content marketing.

See more pictures from the evening here. To get notifications for future events, become a member of our Content Conversation London meet up group here.


Featured image courtesy of Japanexperterna.se via Flickr.

Eirini Pan

Eirini Pan

Eirini Pan was a Marketing Manager at Outbrain's European team. A Greek based in London, she manages data insights and design activities across Europe.

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