What You’ve Been Doing Wrong (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Juan Martinez


Content marketers must be messing things up: Check out the first three articles on this week’s list! Words like “mistakes” and “alternatives” can be scary, but these three pieces are here to help us step up our collective game. Summer’s almost over people: No more slacking!


Five Common Content Marketing Mistakes — Business 2 Community

Got no plan? Pay no attention to details? Unafraid of the competition? Well, this article (and the subsequent article) is most definitely for you!

The Top 6 Content Marketing Mistakes — Jeffbullas’s Blog

Trying to make a quick sell? Grammar not a strong suit? Incapable of getting your company behind your efforts? Well, this article (and probably the one before it) is definitely for you!

3 Alternative Content Marketing Strategies — Content Marketing Institute

Okay, so maybe you’re not completely incapable. Maybe you just need a fresh spin on your content. This post by Joltin’ Joe Pulizzi reveals why unconventional content partnerships, an active pursuit of content talent and buying a media company (yes, for realz!) might help kick-start your content strategy.

Report suggests content marketing is part of paid and organic strategies — Brafton

Not everyone thinks we’re tanking. A recent study by Altimeter Group claims that “the presence of high-quality articles, blog posts and other kinds of content on a website will make every part of marketing better,” according to this piece.

Investors, startups: Here’s what you need to know about native ads — VentureBeat

Apparently we here at Outbrain help to make things better too, at least according to Dan Greenberg, co-founder and CEO of Sharethrough, a social advertising company. In his excellent piece on investment opportunities in native advertising, Greenberg says the following about what we do: “For example, companies like Outbrain and Disqus, which power recommended content widgets on publisher sites like Mashable and USA Today, are helping to answer the question of scale by enabling marketers to promote their content through native ads across the web.” Sweet.

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