What You Don’t Know May Kill Your Content (This Week in Content Marketing)

|Dawn Papandrea

Before diving into a content marketing plan, you’ll want to think about the role it will play in your business’ growth, and develop a plan to make it happen. This week’s collection of content marketing articles offers lots of tips and case studies to help you learn from some of the best content creators.

Becoming Your Own Media Company: 5 Content Marketing Tips – Fast Company

Can any company really be a media company? That’s the train of thought driving this article, which goes on to provide great examples of brands that have parlayed their offerings into content that keeps customers engaged, informed, and/or entertained.

Assessing Content’s Central Role in Brand Marketing – Forbes

Check out a collection of videos featuring content marketing thought leaders, as well as a new term you’ll probably start hearing: “Choice-Based Impression,” which is defined as an impression delivered when someone actively chooses to spend time with a brand.

7 Lessons from Content Marketing’s Greatest Hits – Mashable

See what our own company’s vice president, Gilad DeVries, shares as the best examples of effective content marketing, and the best practices everyone can learn from them. “Greatest hits” include Kraft, L’Oreal and Red Bull.

Why You May Not Want to Do Content Marketing – Business Insider

In essence, this post shares a list of questions to ask and considerations to make before you set forth on a content marketing initiative. If you’re thinking of getting a strategy going, this article is a good first step to consider.

4 Reasons to Deploy Content Marketing – Business2Community

Creating amazing content is only one half of the equation. This article shares why it’s important to effectively deploy content to the masses. Once you have something important to share, see why it can be a catalyst to grow your business.

Content Marketing Can Help Build Trust, Report Says – Brafton

Start with this stat: 58% of consumers said they trust editorial content and brand sites more than most other forms of Web marketing. And if you can build a base of consumers that trust your brand, you’re on your way to success.

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