BrainPower: What to Expect from Fall Fashion Week

|Tina Coll

IBM predicts Steampunk. Outbrain predicts color and pizazz.

Fashion Week around the globe kicks off this week in NYC. The fashion elite anxiously await the mannequins du jour to strut down catwalks donning the best designer threads. We scanned Fashion Week articles from around the world leading up to last year’s and this year’s event just as excitedly to unearth the change in trends.

FINAL BrainPower Fashion Week Graphic


Fashion Week is anticipated to be more fun this year, with words like “love”, “gold”, “color”, and “play” taking center stage in content. Last year’s fashion-forward favored more conservative collections, with words like “line” and “black” occupying a leading role.

And the haute of haute couture aren’t going to just “tweet” about fashion like last year. If they’re not discovering what’s going on with the hottest fashion “apps”, then they risk being passé like those Louboutin’s of yore.

Better yet,  fashionistas can start trends by creating their own fashion content.


In celebration of Fashion + Data, here is BrainPower’s take on what data-driven fashion looks like:


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Tina Coll

Tina Coll

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