We’ve Seen the Future for Ads and It Looks Integrated

|Kelly Reeves

Mark Suster has a great guest post up on TechCrunch today that discusses the future of advertising online and the movement towards more integrated ads since consumers are “blind” to traditional online advertising methods such as banners. One point he makes is that “our attention is all in the  [content] stream. As evidenced by the eye-tracking studies – they will remain [there].” He claims that integrated advertising means are more effective in reaching consumers, and we wholeheartedly agree. Content is key for brands online and presents a better opportunity for engaging and entertaining your audience — actually catching their attention — in a more genuine manner.

While there is an ongoing debate about whether or not people actually want to read branded content, our data shows that consumers respond to paid content no differently than editorial content — as long as it’s quality and interesting to them.

Read Suster’s full post at TechCrunch

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Kelly Reeves

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