[Webinar] Outbrain 2016: What Brands & Agencies Need To Know

Celine Veloso
Celine Veloso

[Webinar] Outbrain 2016

Creating content is one thing – driving positive results is something else!

Your customers are faced with more noise than ever before, which means your content has to work hard to simply reach them, never mind resonate with them. When it does hit the mark, though, content is what can build the type of relationships that have a serious impact on your business.

In order to achieve that effect, your content needs to be created and measured with particular goals in mind. That’s why it’s important to understand the steps you need to take to target the right audience and measure the results of your marketing efforts.

This means shifting from “simple” to “smart” content marketing, and making sure your strategy is:

  • Data-driven
  • Results-driven
  • Audience-driven
  • Integrated

Content marketing was one of the most important digital marketing trends in 2015, and lately, marketers are learning that distribution is just as important as creation. At Outbrain, we often ask, “What good is your content if it doesn’t reach the right audience?”

To help answer that question, last week, we announced the launch of Outbrain Custom Audiences.

The new feature allows marketers to target their website visitors across the Outbrain network. Put simply, it’s remarketing within the Outbrain eco-system.

If you are interested in learning more about it, as well as how you can capitalize on additional features like Outbrain’s KPI Optimization to help you reach the right audiences, check out our recent webinar, Outbrain 2016: What Brands & Their Agencies Need To Know.

Covered in the webinar:

  • How brands are using Outbrain: Case studies & tips for succeeding with Outbrain Amplify
  • What’s new with Outbrain: Amplify product updates
  • Meet the team: Say hello to the Outbrain team & ask questions

Watch the recording below, and feel free to send any questions or feedback to


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Celine Veloso

Celine Veloso

Celine Veloso is Business Development Manager at Outbrain Southeast Asia. Celine gives advise to marketers and their agencies on content distribution strategies. Prior to Outbrain, she has worked at Vdopia and began her career at Smart Telecommunications in the Philippines.


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