Discovered: Falling in Love with Valentine’s Day Content

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Oh goodness! We’ve got it bad when it comes to content. So, this week, we’d like to show you just how much we care by sharing it with the world!

Here’s a round-up of swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day content we’d totally give a “Be Mine” sweetheart candy to.

9 Relationship Habits You Didn’t Know Were Normal (Reader’s Digest)

With the ultimate holiday of love approaching fast, people – single and taken – are obsessing over relationships. Well, don’t you fret! Reader’s Digest cracks the code of “unhealthy” couple habits that are actually completely normal to help ease your V-day jitters.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Love (Learnist)

Did you know that making eye contact is a key gateway for love? How about that love fortifies the connection between brain and heart health? Well, here are 8 other things we bet you did not know about love.

All You Need For Valentine’s Day in 10 Infographics (Piktochart)

Although 62% of adults say they celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of V-day skeptics out there. Whether you’re pro- or anti-Cupid this year, here are 10 amusing infographics telling you all you need to know about the most romantic day of the year.

11 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Techie True Love (Mashable)

We’re only days away from that time of year you show your special someone how much you care. And we’ll admit it – deciding on a Valentine’s Day gift can be stressful! Thankfully Mashable has rounded up 11 great gifts to bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face. Phew!

#RomanceOnDemand (Uber)
Now this is an oldie but goodie. Last year, Uber pulled together a fantastic piece of branded content to celebrate this romantic holiday. The protagonist really screwed up and forgot to get the apple of his eye a gift. Well, Uber comes to the rescue in the last minute! Check out the video to see if he succeeds in making his sweetheart’s day.

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