Guest Post: Why Using Interviews for Content Creation is Good for Business

|Brian Loebig

Business blog writers take many forms today including:

1. Full time professional blog writers who have carved out an important role as businesses discover the importance of developing regular customer friendly content.

2. Sales and marketing staff who have been assigned responsibility for blog content development for their companies; and

3. Small business owners and sole proprietors who understand the importance of content creation for increasing their website organic rankings.

What each of these blog writers have in common is the need for developing regular content that doesn’t take hours of planning and research.One effective strategy that meets the need for ongoing content development in a timely manner is using interviews. Interviews can take many forms and they offer many benefits for content creators including:

→ Reduced time to create and publish content

→ Regular access to fresh content

→ Strengthened relationships with interviewees

→ Increased social sharing

→ Greater likelihood of natural back-links

→ Help establishing authority

Conversation as Quality, Turnkey Content

Since interviews can be created around a common theme or approach, the time it takes to conduct the interview and publish the content is significantly lower than researching a new topic and writing it. Interviews by their very nature are unique and contain content that is fresh and search engine friendly. Google’s ongoing algorithm updates frown upon duplicate content and interviews are a safe and effective way to ensure ones content is SEO safe.


Interview subjects are also likely to value the chance to have their story shared in a public forum. As a result, the relationship between interviewer and subject are naturally strengthened. Interviews are a win-win scenario that benefits everyone involved as well. Since interviewees are likely to share stories about themselves with their friends and colleagues, blog articles that are designed to maximize social sharing will reap the rewards available through social media. In a similar way to social sharing, back-links to the blog website are more likely to increase since business interview subjects are likely to create website links to articles that increase exposure to their business and brand.

Businesses can develop interview strategies from a range of effective approaches including:

→ Emailed interview questions that respondents send back to the blogger

→ Phone call interviews of key staff that are recorded and transcribed for the blog

→ Podcast interviews of other business professionals

→  Webinar interviews of key customers or clients

On my own blog,, I have an interview series called “Entrepreneurs in Action.” The interviews are conducted through a common list of questions that are emailed to interview subjects. A personal note or phone call to subjects sets the stage with an invitation describing the purpose of the interview and value that the person will receive as a result.

The Northern Virginia Plastic Surgeon Blog is developed using the phone call interview approach. The blog writer schedules a regular 10-15 minute interview with Dr. Widder that results in a 400 to 600 word blog article after it is transcribed.

Marlee Ward uses her iTunes podcast as fodder for blog articles. Repurposing podcasts into blog articles is a very creative way to get extra mileage from existing sources of content.

Cathy Demers, host of the Business Success Cafe, uses a weekly interview series as a primary vehicle for generating web-based content which establishes her own authority as an business development expert.

Deciding which interview strategy will work for ones business is the first step to creating a content development strategy that will save time, increase brand recognition, establish authority and organic web search visibility.

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