Vote For Us! Two Must-See SXSW 2013 Panels

|Juan Martinez


Please head over to the SXSW PanelPicker 2013 website to vote for a couple of our events. We’re part of two really awesome (possible) discussions that we feel are significant to the digital advertising landscape and we’d love to make these (possible) events a reality. Just head over to the following pages and let your voice be heard!

Panel 1: Native Ads: The Smart Way to Engage Consumers

Description: Today, we’re seeing everyone from Twitter to Forbes experiment with new ad formats that complement rather than disrupt the user experience. The end result? An advertising experience that is integrated into the DNA of publisher sites, and gives consumers a more personalized, meaningful experience with the brand. This experience is called native advertising and it gives savvy marketers the perfect opportunity to intelligently connect with their audiences, without interrupting users with yet another ad.


David Sasson Outbrain

David Fleck Disqus

Rick Webb Tumblr

Kyle Ragsdale Vox Media


Panel #2: More than 7Ps: Product Marketing w/ Women in Tech

Description: We all know women in tech is a popular topic these days, but what you probably don’t know? Some of the biggest roles on the rise are in product marketing. In the past, product marketing has been a role that’s been on the back burner – an enigmatic task for a tech startup that’s 6 month road map is unpredictable. The key to success goes beyond the prerequisite “7 P’s of product marketing.” Join some of digital’s brightest women to discuss how they navigated the murky waters of product marketing in both B2B and B2C landscapes to launch successful products among controlled chaos.


Lisa LaCour Outbrain

Jessica Kantor Livestream

Soraya Darabi Foodspotting

Julia Lipton Quixey

If you’re interested in seeing either of these panels, please click on their links, head over to the PanelPicker site and vote!

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