Three Quick Steps for Turning Content into Conversations about Your Business (Guest Post on Content Marketing Institute)

|Natalie Chan

Turning content into marketing isn’t easy. For small companies that can’t afford to outsource content creation to professionals, getting started may seem impossible. However, there are several ways to build a successful content marketing strategy no matter how limited your resources may be. Juan Martinez, Outbrain’s Content Strategy Manager, recommends beginning with a few blog posts, using a content recommendation engine to help people discover your posts and then repurposing content into more interactive formats.

Check out Juan’s new piece on the subject, published on Content Marketing Institute, penned with help from Mike Klassen, author of “Increase Sales & Build Deeper Connections: Maximizing Your Content to Boost Sales and Generate Better-Quality Leads.”

Now that you’ve got the quick steps to developing your content, don’t forget the all-important fourth step! Make sure you amplify your content by distributing it across Outbrain’s network of publishers including CNN, Mashable and USA Today. Get started here and get your first 650 clicks free. 

Hitting "Publish" is only The Beginning!

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Natalie Chan

Natalie Chan

Natalie manages Customer Retention for Outbrain Amplify. Prior to Outbrain, Natalie spent most of her career focused on connecting brands... Read more

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