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We all have a story to tell

The web is abuzz with brands and marketers vying for attention through clever content, and the fury isn’t fading at the close of 2011. Social media is making room for brands to become their own media companies, and it’s clear that next year will see even more brands jumping into the content game.

For content marketers, that means smart strategy, tools and case study takeaways are more important than ever. Here’s our favorite industry news and tips from around the web this week:

Forget About Branded Content, Tell A Great Story by Forbes

David Martin explains why people need to think more about the “content” part of “branded content.” Quality, insight and great storytelling are what will get marketers to the top of their audiences’ feed readers.

Twitter Launch Partners Experiment With Content For Brand Pages by Ad Age

Twitter’s latest update focuses squarely on brand publishers. See what special Brand Pages invitees like General Electric and Pepsico are doing with their new Twitter features.

How To Ensure Your Content Marketing is Sustainable by iMediaConnection

Running a successful publishing operation is not a one-time deal. It’s an ongoing effort. Rebecca Lieb explains how to run the content marketing marathon.

Nine Ways To Reach Important Customers Using Quora by The Content Strategist

Social Q&A site, Quora, is an oft-overlooked battleground where content marketers can win influential readers over to their sites. This post dives into tips for finding them.

Why Geolocation Apps Matter To Marketers by AdWeek

Since Foursquare’s launch in 2009, the uptake on geolocation apps has shot to 6% of U.S. adults. Content marketers from small retail shops to Zagat to Bravo have taken advantage of the early adopter crowd. Now as adoption keeps climbing, more brands are (and should be) getting into the geo game.

And last, but not least, Content Marketing Institute‘s

Favorite Content Marketing Lessons of 2011

The traditional end-of-year wrap ups begin with this recap of quotes from content marketing thinkers. It highlights lessons learned from Twitter to blogging to strategy.

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