This Week in Content Marketing: How to Generate ‘Return on Interesting’

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As you wind down your year, take a moment to check out these great stories and tips to start your 2012 off with some great content resolutions:

How to Generate ROI (Return on Interesting) with Content Marketing by B2B Marketing Insider

Michael Brenner works to examine the importance of topics versus targets.  He looks at 8 strategies to help companies find a “return on interesting,” ultimately driving traffic and a return on investment.

The Great Content Challenge by Alister & Paine

The era of content marketing is upon us and marketers are finding success with paid content placement. Ruth Bastedo examines three fundamentals that must be incorporated in order to ensure good content.

Blogging Essentials for Content Marketing by Content Marketing Institute

Here’s a look at the best posts from the past year. This list includes some of the best tips, trick and insider tidbits on blogging from 2011.

Kohler’s Biggest Brand Advocate is a 4-Year-Old Boy by AdAge Blogs

Sometimes the biggest lessons are taught by the smallest teachers. Four-year-old Dustin Kruse shows big name companies like Kohler that brand advocates can be of any age.

2012: The Year Mobile Grows Up by Digiday

Jack Marshall takes a look at some key mobile marketing trends for 2012, including the boom of tablets and the increased need for privacy.

See you in 2012!

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