The Week in Algorithms: Robots with Depth Perception, Twitter’s Facebook Envy, and More

|Brandon Carter


Illustration courtesy of Sachin Sandhu

Is the world becoming too reliant on algorithms? Have we surrendered too many decisions to machines? Or have we barely scratched the surface of what’s possible? You be the judge as we bring you these machine tales every week.

Algorithms That Can Pick Out a Face in the Crowd

While most of us might frown reading a headline like that, the group of researchers who discovered this set of algorithms that can identify individuals in a group swear its most exciting application is really for observing animal behaviors. Yeah. Right…

Twitter’s New Algorithmic Approach

Twitter vs. Facebook: two very different approaches to bringing you social media. Twitter has long been considered the “firehose”, a raw, real-time feed of information with seemingly no filter, while Facebook has handed its News Feed over to algorithms to figure out which updates, ads, and stories you really want to see.

But that may be changing now, with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo admitting the company is looking at taking a similar approach to the Tweets you see.

Algorithms That Give Robots Depth Perception?

It can be hard not to think of the classic SNL skit when considering advances in robot technology, but try we must. Learn how one operating system includes algorithms that could allow engineers to add depth perception to a robot’s navigation system, plus four more stunning developments that are making robots more mobile, more expressive and more human.

Watch Sam Waterston warn senior citizens of the dangers of robots.


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